In order to renew each year, members are required to pay the applicable membership dues ($100) and provide documentation of continuing training. ASET members must show that they have averaged 5 hours of training a year, with no less than 15 hours earned in any three-year period. These hours must be earned from one of the following:

  • Pre-approved Psychodrama Therapy training from a trainer or educator (TEP) empowered by the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry &
    Group Psychotherapy
  • Pre-approved Experiential Therapy training
  • Pre-approved Addictions Training
  • Pre-approved Trauma Training

Upon acceptance, the Board will let each individual member know what type of training he/she must receive to maintain his/her certification.

Please see our ASET Board APPROVED TRAINING RESOURCES for a current listing of training available for membership renewal.

If you plan on receiving Experiential Therapy training from a provider who is not on this list, please seek approval from the ASET Board before participating in the training.