ASET was formed in 1995 as the premier credentialing organization devoted to certification of therapists who meet professional standards in Experiential Therapy.

Experiential Therapy has been growing steadily in popularity because of its unique effectiveness and efficiency. It is a role play method through which past, present and future issues can be resolved and when combined with more traditional modalities serves to elicit material from the unconscious that allows one to fill in perceptual, cognitive and emotional gaps. Material that has been out-of-vision can come to the surface where it can be worked through and seen in a new light. Its unique ability to give voice to hidden wounds has made the experiential model a therapy of choice for treatment centers and hospitals across the United States.

More and more therapists are seeking to professionalize their knowledge of experiential work in order to be more effective in using it with their own clients. There has been a growing desire for a formal certification in Experiential Therapy so that those practicing it will have a clearer and stronger sense of the method. ASET fosters the development of an important field that combines the various aspects of Experiential Therapy, group process, traditional psychotherapy and 12-step work as a model for healing.

Benefits of Certification

  • Distinguish yourself from your peers by demonstrating your knowledge and training in Experiential Therapy
  • Improve client confidence
  • Inclusion in ASET's online therapist directory
  • E-newsletter
  • Networking opportunities for Experiential therapists
  • Membership in a community dedicated to the theory, research, and practice of Experiential Therapy
  • Training resources for Experiential Therapy and Psychodrama